Neighborhood celebrates its mailman

After the United States Postal Service honored mailman John Villa of Newtown for driving one million miles, the people who live along his Wilton route decided to do the same.

Mary Jayne Lilley, a Wilton resident who lives on Villa’s beat — Broad Axe Lane and Butternut Place — organized the celebration.

“We all love him,” said Lilley. “He’s been delivering 20 years to this route. He’s like family, so we decided to throw a party for him, for his achievement.”

On Feb. 20, Lilley invited 18 of her neighbors — stops of Villa’s — over to her house on Broad Axe Lane.

When the man of the hour arrived with his wife, Debbie, he was given a card that had been signed by everyone there. He got a small gift, too.

“We just wanted to thank him for his wonderful service. He delivers to 500 families every day,” Lilley said.

Refreshments were served and Lilley and her guests offered a champagne toast in Villa’s honor.