Money balanced at Trackside

It does not appear likely the Trackside Teen Center will need any financial help from anyone this fiscal year to cover a budget reduction of $29,000 made by the Board of Finance last spring.

Trackside officials had asked the selectmen for help in the past, but now they are standing on their own with examples of money saved and money earned.

“Some of biggest ticket items are lights,” said Artie DiRocco, president of the Trackside board of directors, who told the selectmen at their meeting Aug. 21 they are close to an agreement to buy 20-year LED lights at a cost of $6,800 up front, which will save $125,000 on electricity over  20 years.

Trackside will soon announce a partnership with an outside organization for a revenue-producing enterprise, and there is also a plan to allow an organization that runs programs for disabled adults aged 18 to 25 to use the Trackside facility during the daytime when school is in session. More details will be coming soon on those agreements.

“We’re trying to be creative,” DiRocco said.

The teen center ended the year $20,000 in the black, so that money was applied to the new year. There was also income from a successful golf outing and spring concert to add to the revenue base, DiRocco said. There was also a successful fund-raising trip to Boston.

“Raising money is on one side of the ledger, and saving money is on the other,” he said.

“What we’re trying to do is bring everything down to the five-yard line,” he said, borrowing some football terminology. “We’re going to add another spring fund-raiser and host some of the big events.”