Effective this Sunday, April 7, Metro-North will add 187 trains each week to its schedule, however only nine of those will be on the New Haven line.

The schedule change “completes Metro-North Railroad’s biggest and most ambitious service expansion in its 30-year history. The new timetables will include increased off-peak and weekend train frequencies as well as faster service for many customers,” it said in a press release.

This second round of service investments provides an additional 187 trains per week in addition to the 56 trains added last October. Together this is an increase of 5.6% in the number of trains Metro-North operates each week.

“By adding off-peak and weekend trains and by adding stops at key stations, we are able to increase frequency and provide faster trip times system wide,” Metro-North said.

Key improvements include: 85 additional weekday and 22 additional weekend trains on the Hudson Line; 65 additional weekday and six additional weekend trains on the Harlem Line; and nine additional weekend trains on the New Haven Line.

On the New Haven line improvements will provide additional half-hourly service on Sunday between Stamford and Grand Central Terminal

For more details visit Metro-North’s schedules page — http://www.mta.info/schedules.  The new timetable is available in Grand Central Terminal or at outlying stations.