Medical weed in Georgetown?

Georgetown could be home to Fairfield County’s first medical marijuana dispensary.

Angela D’Amico and Karen Barski of D & B Wellness LLC presented a plan to establish a pharmaceutical dispensary store at 12 Old Mill Road to the Water Pollution Control Commission (WPCC) during a special meeting on Monday, May 5.

The WPCC oversees the Georgetown wastewater treatment facility that serves customers in Georgetown. The commission questioned the amount of water to be used by the dispensary.

The location has one bathroom and one hand-washing sink, so the commission approved an allocation of up to 100 gallons per day of water for the 1,600-square-foot building.

The dispensary plan includes a maximum of four employees and would have a high level of security and operate on an appointment-only basis.

D & B Wellness is one of six medical marijuana producers that received state approval in April. The application was for a dispensary at 2181 Main Street in Bridgeport.

During a Bridgeport Planning and Zoning Commission meeting on April 14, the commission unanimously denied the application for eight reasons, including that the location of the dispensary was a “bad location for a new and potentially dangerous commercial activity, and would have a negative impact on the adjoining residences and commercial establishments.”

The commission also found that under existing state statutes, there are different definitions for a retail pharmacy as compared to a dispensary and recognize that the sale and use of marijuana is illegal under federal law.

Now, D & B Wellness has until May 15 to present zoning approval at a different location to the state or else its license expires, according to Redding First Selectman Julia Pemberton.

The next step for the dispensary is to submit an application for use to Aimee Pardee, Redding’s zoning enforcement officer.

“They will need to come before the Zoning Commission for a site plan approval,” said Ms. Pardee.

Because the dispensary would be changing the permitted use of the site, it requires permission from zoning, she said.

A dance studio was previously located at the building.

As of Tuesday, May 6, Ms. Pardee said she had not received an application, and the next zoning commission meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, May 14.

Ms. Pemberton said the Board of Selectmen does not have a regulatory angle on the use of the zone.

“It’s really a zoning, fire marshal, building code issue,” she said. “There’s been a great deal of ambiguity surrounding what is or what is not an appropriate location for a medical marijuana dispensary. All towns have different zoning regulations.”

“The issue for us is in terms of how we want to look at business in Georgetown and what is the benefit to the community,” said Ms. Pemberton. “Any impact to what is essentially a residential neighborhood should be carefully weighed.”

Ms. D’Amico, the applicant, declined to comment.

Wilton’s Planning & Zoning Commission declared a moratorium on marijuana dispensary applications earlier this year.