March may come 'in like a lion' with morning snow Monday

We haven’t escaped the grasp of Old Man Winter just yet, National Weather Service forecasts for early next week indicate.

According to NWS, there is a chance of light to heavy snow beginning Sunday evening “mostly after 8 p.m.” and ending Monday evening. They expect the heaviest snow to fall between Sunday night and Monday afternoon.

The service has not yet made accumulation forecasts available for those days, but has said there is an 80% to 90% chance of snow between Sunday evening and Monday afternoon.

Snow removal budget

Monday’s weather may present another chance for Wilton’s snow-removal crews to get out onto the roads. The area has already been hit with more than 13 storms this year.

As of two weeks ago, Wilton had already exceeded its expected snow removal budget by more than $35,850, First Selectman Bill Brennan said.

The cost of the additional salt, sand and overtime needed this winter has contributed to the overage, Mr. Brennan said.

“We traditionally budget for the year using an estimate based on the average cost of past winters’ [snow removal,]” he said. “We’ve had 12 storms this winter, and when you have storms they don’t always occur during business hours. We have to pay overtime as part of our labor negotiations.”

Equipment failure, he said, also added to the problem.

“We had one older truck where we had a transmission problem, so we were short on trucks. We had our fair share of additional expenses this year,” he said.

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