Making a ‘change’ for cancer

Alexa Steckel, a second grader at Miller-Driscoll School, wants to make a change. Or in her case, she wants change to make a change.

Alexa has created a website,, where donations can be made in the fight against cancer. A page exists on Facebook, also called Help Change Cancer, where Alexa and her family post updates to how much money has been raised and where she will be appearing to accept donations.

The effort had a very humble beginning, according to Alexa.

“I just collected money at a soccer game my older brother, Owen Steckel, played in.  Thank you to the people who donated. The money goes to the American Cancer Society because I want people to survive cancer. I hope people will never die from cancer again.”

Her mom, Julie Steckel, spoke of her pride for her daughter in an email.

“I am the lucky Mom of three wonderful kids!” But this ‘shout out’ is for my 2nd grade daughter, who 100% on her own came up with the idea & helped build her website. She wants to collect change and donations on her website to help change cancer outcomes. She has collected more than $1600 so far!”

Alexa has been appearing at places such as the Village Market and the recent TechExpo 4.0 at Miller-Driscoll School, where her mother thought she might have been the youngest “student innovator.”

The donations continue to come to her website, and she looks to do her part in the effort to help cancer research, with the ultimate goal of curing cancer.