Majority of Wilton roads are in good shape

The town appears to be on track to meet its annual road paving goal, thanks in part to some professional street scanning. The project showed that more than 64 percent of Wilton’s roads were determined to be in good to excellent condition, and are not in need of repaving at the present time.

Under the town’s five-year plan, 15 miles of town-owned roadways are scheduled for paving every calendar year.

Frank Smeriglio, town engineer, presented an update of the town’s paving program at the Board of Selectmen’s Sept. 9 meeting, reviewing the process the town went through this year in order to determine road paving priority.

To help get a handle on what roads were in the worst condition and in most need of repaving, the town hired StreetScan, a pavement management engineering company, to provide an analysis of road conditions.

Information was gathered by StreetScan drivers who went around Wilton roads in vans equipped with 3D technology, sensors, and cameras, and gathering photos and information in order to determine road conditions.

The roads reviewed by StreetScan were strictly town-owned roads, where the town has jurisdiction to perform maintenance and repairs, and did not include state or private roads.

The company made note of various defects on the roads, including various types of cracks, raveling, potholes, depressions, rutting, patches, swelling, lane drops, corrugation, bleeding, weathering, and bumps.

StreetScan then rated the roads according to their conditions and made the following determinations about Wilton’s roadways as of June 1, 2019:

Excellent condition: 37.9 percent (49.4 miles)

Good condition: 26.2 percent (34.1 miles)

Fair condition: 21.9 percent (28.5 miles)

Poor condition: 11.4 percent (14.8 miles)

Very poor condition: 2.6 percent (3.5 miles)

Since June 1, a number of the roads rated very poor have been repaved, with roads in poor condition scheduled for repaving by the end of 2019, First Selectwoman Lynne Vanderslice told the board.

The town’s annual budget for road paving this year is $3.2 million, according to Vanderslice. “We’re pretty much on track to where we want to be to pave 15 miles this year,” she said.

For paving purposes, the town is divided into four sections. To ensure maximum efficiency, the town paves roads in clusters, and tries to do an equal amount of work in each section, according to Smeriglio. A cluster could include one or more poor roads and an adjacent fair road on the verge of becoming poor.

The following roads are scheduled for repaving before the end of 2019, subject to weather conditions.

Roads where paving work is currently in progress: Deepwood Road, Duck Pond Place, Edgewater Drive, Grey Rocks Road, Ground Pine Road, Heather Lane 2 (N), Hearthstone Lane, Hickory Hill Road, Old Nursery, Spruce Meadow Court, Tanner's Drive, Teapot Hill Road, Tito Lane, Turtle Back Road, Thistle Lane, Valeview Road, and Wildwood Drive.

Roads still to be scheduled for paving in 2019: Bayberry Lane, Belden Hill Lane, Erdman Lane, Erdman Lane Ext, Freshwater Lane, Gaylord Drive (S), Graenest Ridge Road, Greenbriar Lane, Hidden Lake Ridge, Highview Drive, Oak Ledge Lane, Roxbury Lane, Windy Ridge Place, and Woodchuck Lane.

For more information about Wilton road paving, including a list of town roads ranked by pavement condition index, and the PowerPoint presentation from the selectmen’s meeting, visit

This story was edited to correct the number listed for the town's annual paving budget, the budget is $3.2 million, not $10 million as initally stated. A statement about $1.5 million left from a previous budget for paving was deleted. There is $1.5 million remaining in the current budget for paving this year.