Major commitments to Metro-North in Lamont’s transit plan

Gov. Ned Lamont is proposing major upgrades to Metro-North Railroad.

Gov. Ned Lamont is proposing major upgrades to Metro-North Railroad.

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HARTFORD — Gov. Ned Lamont’s massive, 10-year transportation program includes major upgrades to the Metro-North Commuter Railroad, including a new, first-time direct connection of the Danbury and Waterbury branch lines to Grand Central Station in New York.

The improvements to the Waterbury line will allow two-way train traffic rather than the current one-train shuttle from Waterbury to Bridgeport. Passengers on both the Danbury and Waterbury lines would no longer have to change cars to get to Grand Central.

Sources in the Lamont administration, said it’s an attempt to offer a major economic impact, with associated effects to job markets, housing prices and economic growth in the $21-billion plan, which includes new rail cars on the New Canaan line.

Fourteen toll locations are part of the financial plan, including low-interest federal borrowing.

The new website for CT2030 went online Thursday morning.

And Lamont wants a special legislative session to approve the program within the next few weeks.

“No company should be less productive as a result of traffic jams or slow trains and buses,” Lamont said on the new website. “No parent should be late to pick their child up from school because of a traffic signal in the middle of a busy highway, or a preventable delay at a bridge or exit. Our state has the opportunity today to make the investments and decisions that will pay off for our children tomorrow.”

“In CT2030, rail service is faster with new equipment like cars and locomotives, improved infrastructure, and better schedules to move commuters to their locations in the most efficient ways possible,” says the website’s homepage. “New dual-power locomotives will travel over rail bridges that will be repaired or replaced with and aging dilapidated rail bridges are replaced with safer crossings which will lead to more reliable and faster connections. New, eco-friendly buses and modern rail cars connected with 5G service, will quickly and safely move passengers to their destinations, making it easier to get to work and to get home. New and expanded service in busy, priority regions, will improve job performance and productivity in CT2030.”