Lynch tops list of town’s most highly paid

Once again, John Lynch, the former captain and current chief of the Wilton Police Department, tops the list of the town’s highest wage earners.

Lynch, who has always worked a lot of overtime assignments, earned $172,562.26 in 2016, according to records on gross earnings made available at town hall.

The list records many police officers, top town hall officials, including First Selectman Lynne Vanderslice, and some firefighters.

Vanderslice wanted to be sure to add her comments about the high earners.

“Extra duty pay is paid by the town, but billed to the entity requesting the officer at a rate which covers both the additional wages plus additional related costs. In 2016, the town billed $205,507 in reimbursed wages,” Vanderslice said.

“With the exception of [former police] Chief [Robert] Crosby, the top police officers had a significant amount of additional wages due to extra duty pay and/or overtime. Overtime was needed to cover department vacancies,” Vanderslice said.

Lynch said in a statement he will not be taking overtime assignments, now that he is chief. He explained how his pay got so high.

“The additional income is the result of miscellaneous stipends such as clothing allowance and holiday pay. The bulk of it is a result of extra duty work which is paid by outside contractors such as traffic direction and security requests. The town is fully reimbursed by the contractors,” Lynch said. He also added he is a non-union member, and the right of first refusal always goes to the union members. “Therefore, I was only able to work what was unfilled,” he said.

Following are the top 20 wage earners:

  • Capt. (now Chief) John Lynch, Wilton Police Department, $172,562.26.

  • Chief Robert Crosby, Wilton Police Department, $146,011.70.

  • Anne Kelly-Lenz, Chief Financial Officer, Finance Department, $142,114.07.

  • First Selectman Lynne Vanderslice, $139,511.06.

  • Thomas Thurkettle, Director, Department of Public Works, $138,530.47.

  • Police Sgt. David Hartman, $138,168.76.

  • Police Sgt. Steven C. Rangel, $134,733.30.

  • Police Sgt. Anthony J. Cocco, $134,585.57.

  • Police Capt. Thomas Conlan, $134,518.37.

  • Detective Peter Trahan, $129,397.86.

  • Fire Chief Ronald Kanterman, $129,209.68.

  • Police Lt. Robert S. Kluk, $127,477.68.

  • Fire Capt. James C. Gies, $125,693.11.

  • Police Lt. Stephen Brennan, $124,762.76.

  • Police Officer Paul Lichtenberger, $124,434.94.

  • Robert Nerney, Director, Planning and Zoning, $123,972.07.

  • Sarah Taffel, Director, Human Resources, $123,926.48.

  • Police Officer Anna Rita Tornello, $123,883.34.

  • Police Sgt. Arnault Baker, $123,265.66.

  • Fire Capt. Kevin B. Czarnecki, $123,240.03.