Lowthert has plans to sue 34 Town of Wilton officials, employees

A parent who claims the town is responsible for “personal injury and money damages” against her children says she may soon file suit against 34 appointed officials and employees of the town of Wilton.

Marissa Lowthert and her husband, Christopher Lowthert, delivered a notice of claim to Town Clerk Bettye Ragognetti on Tuesday, May 13 that said the pair “intend to commence a civil action for personal injuries and money damages against the current and/or former elected officials, appointed officials and/or employees of the Town of Wilton, the Town of Wilton Board of Education and Wilton Public Schools and the Town of Wilton Board of Selectmen.”

Thomas Mooney, attorney for the Wilton Board of Education, said today a notice of claim “is not a legal action, but rather a notification that such a claim may be filed.”

As standing for their future claim, the Lowtherts allege their children “have suffered personal injuries” while the entire family has suffered “injuries to our civil rights, and emotional distresses as a result of the negligence, gross negligence, recklessness, and subsequent direct retaliation by individuals named in this notice.”

According to the notice of claim, these “injuries” were a direct result of the “indoor air quality at Miller-Driscoll School, and the repeated and concerted failure of the Town of Wilton... to acknowledge and remediate these conditions and their retaliatory conduct against us.”

Chairman of the Wilton Board of Education Bruce Likly is one of the 34 officials listed in the Lowthert's notice of claim. He released a statement this afternoon saying "Obviously I am surprised and disappointed to learn of the Lowthert’s notice of claim. Many dedicated employees and volunteers have been working diligently to address the Lowthert’s numerous allegations in a thoughtful and timely manner.  The indoor air quality in Miller Driscoll was thoroughly evaluated by an independent third party, which found the air quality at Miller Driscoll to be acceptable by every measure tested.  While we do not see any basis for this claim, we will of course abide by all aspects of the law and see this notice of claim through to its resolution."

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