Lost for years, found in the trash

Two Wilton High School students who were picking up trash on Mountain Road came across an unusual discovery.
They found a purse containing a wallet and turned it in to police.
It turns out the the purse belonged to Christine Finkelstein, chair of the Board of Education. It had been stolen 10 years ago, First Selectwoman Lynn Vanderslice told the Board of Selectmen at its meeting on May 6.
“It sat there as litter for 10 years,” Vanderslice said, noting how much litter accrues over time along town roadways.
Zen Herter, senior analyst of environmental affairs, told the board there is interest in starting a litter cleanup group at Wilton High School. “We will work on a program and provide the tools for students to collect litter,” Herter said.
For the program to work, one issue that needs to be addressed is who will pay the fees to dispose of the litter collected. The expenses associated with disposing of trash and litter is one reason more people don’t do it voluntarily, Herter said. He plans to work with the school to create a system through donations and other sources to pay for the litter disposal.
At the recent Townwide Cleanup Day, about 100 volunteers turned out, Herter said, including a Cub Scout troop and a Girl Scout troop. Altogether, about 1,120 pounds of garbage were collected.
He reported that Wilton has been named an affiliate with Keep America Beautiful, a group that encourages communities to end littering and improve recycling. He said his group will work with them on a cigarette butt waste program, and there will be opportunities for grants and sustainability projects.