Local dry cleaner helps Breezy Point

It is the season of giving, and many residents are doing what they can to help someone in need.

The owners of Classic Cleaners in Georgetown were happy to help Wilton resident Erin Ingram Adams when she arrived in their store with uniforms from the Breezy Point Volunteer Fire Department in Queens, N.Y.

Ms. Adams is the daughter of Capt. Martin Ingram of the Breezy Point Volunteer Fire Department, which suffered major damage from Superstorm Sandy along with the rest of Queens.

"He did not evacuate in case of a fire," she said.

During the storm, a flooded house caught fire that couldn't be put out. It spread to 110 houses, leaving nothing but foundations and chimneys.

Her dad "had a harrowing experience, and fortunately everyone lived," said Ms. Adams.

Since the storm, Ms. Adams has been helping her parents recover. One thing that was important to her father was to get the uniforms cleaned, she said.

With guidance from the Wilton Fire Department, Ms. Adams went to Classic Cleaners, owned by Dennis O'Connell, to see if he could clean the Breezy Point uniforms.

"I made it clear I wasn't asking for anything, but I just told my story, and they were so gracious and took them free of charge," she said. "It meant a lot to my dad that they got cleaned."

With little to nothing left of the fire department, having the uniforms cleaned lifted the members' spirits, she said.

The dry cleaner's clients include the Wilton Fire Department, Redding Police Department and Weston Police Department, said Mr. O'Connell.

"That's what we do," he said. "She left the uniforms here with us, and we were happy to try and help them out."

Mr. O'Connell has a son who lives in Brooklyn and was asking himself what he could do to help, he said.

"And here she came walking in," said Mr. O'Connell.

"I was speechless of their generosity," said Ms. Adams. "They were wonderful."