Line crews from across the country will assist CL&P in restoring power to customers

Connecticut Light and Power officials say 1,000 line crews are ready to begin power restoration efforts.

As of 8:30 Monday night, 5,854 Wilton customers were without power, 79% of the towm.

“More than 1,000 line workers have arrived from as far away as the Pacific Northwest, Texas and Washington,” said Bill Quinlan, CL&P senior vice president of emergency preparedness. “Crews continue working as long as it is safe to do so, and our first priority is always responding to emergencies and ensuring public safety.”

The effects of Hurricane Sandy now are being felt across the state, with 200,000 to 300,000 customers — including many in Fairfield and New Haven counties — having lost electricity. Wind speeds have been increasing and water levels are on the rise.

Check Wilton road closures

As workers arrive at CL&P’s facilities to assist in restoration, they receive additional training and attend safety briefings, according to a CL&P press release.

Avoid downed wires; call in outages

Officials at the utility company said safety is the top priority for electrical workers and customers. They are reminding customers to stay at least 10 feet away from all downed wires and anything the wires touch. Any dangerous situation should be reported to emergency responders by calling 9-1-1.

CL&P officials will continue to coordinate a community-wide response with town, state, and emergency management officials, according to the company release.

To report a power outage, call CL&P at 800-286-2000 or use the “Report an Outage” link at