Library looks for innovators for next-generation science fair

Participants in Wilton Library's Innovation Day can get up to their elbows — literally — in creativity.
Participants in Wilton Library's Innovation Day can get up to their elbows — literally — in creativity.

Wilton Library is looking for more than a few inventive people.
Following the installation of its Innovation Station last June, Wilton Library is hosting its first-ever Innovation Day in May, when individuals and businesses can show off their “making” skills.
The library is looking for exhibitors and presenters interested in participating in the event on Saturday, May 30, from 11 to 3.
“Wilton Library has wholeheartedly embraced the makers movement and is looking to showcase anyone and everyone who is enthusiastically creating things involving STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math),” said Susan Lauricella, makerspace coordinator and head of teen services.
Since the inauguration of its Innovation Station makerspace in June 2014, the library has been holding technology classes in 3-D printing, die cutting, soldering, electronic sewing, and digital scanning.
Using tools like a MakerBot 3D printer, an iMac with Final Cut Pro, a PC with Adobe Creative Cloud, a digital scanner, a VHS-to-DVD converter, a Cricut die cutter, soldering stations, a 3Doodler, an electronic sewing machine, a hot glue gun, markers, duct tape, pinking shears, pliers, and screwdrivers, the station is equipped to fit any DIY (do-it-yourself) maker’s dream lab.
“Now it is time for community members to show us what they’ve got so that we can all learn from each other,” said Ms. Lauricella.
Demonstrations, presentations and workshops already registered include:

  • The Wilton Library Young Makers Club, comprised of kids in grades seven to 11 who have been working on their projects since January.

  • The Center for Contemporary Printers.

  • A 3-D printer printed by a 3-D printer.

  • A demonstration of the library’s new Orion 10015 Starblast 4.5 Astro Reflector Telescope.

  • Demonstrations by the library’s Singularity Technology Robotics Team and its robot.

  • An embroidery table.

  • A children’s tech sandbox.

  • Dollhouse making.

“I would love to have as many exhibitors and presenters as possible — ideally, fill up the Brubeck Room and have workshop presentations upstairs in our meeting room. I would love to see hundreds come to this,” Ms. Lauricella told The Bulletin .
“We just want to get as many people in the community involved — whether they’re there as exhibitors or guests coming in to see what we have to offer, what other people in town can do, and basically generate some excitement about making things, whether it’s using technical tools, computers or something by hand, like knitting.”
The library is looking for categories that include — but are not limited to — robotics, Arduino projects, interactive art projects, home energy monitoring, amateur rocketry, sustainability and green technologies, woodworkers, electric vehicles, handmade musical instruments, flower arrangers, die cutters, and more.
There will be no selling of merchandise or services, but exhibitors are free to distribute information or accept orders for their products or services.
“There is so much available talent in Wilton and surrounding communities,” said Ms. Lauricella. “We’ve seen that just from the people who have shown an interest, visited or used our Innovation Station. This is the time for them to shine.”
Ms. Lauricella is excited for the library’s first Innovation Day and said it would be “ideal if we can find people who want to work with us in the future and share their skills with others.”
“It’s a great way to get the community involved, see what we have to offer, bring other people in the community in to show everybody else what they have,” she said, “and just get people excited about making and the do-it-yourself movement.”
The online applications may be completed by visiting Wilton Library’s website at and clicking on the Innovation Day article on the home page.
The deadline for applications is March 31, at which time they will be reviewed and makers notified by April 15.
Acceptance will be based on available space and a balance of topics and exhibitions.
For more information, visit the library’s website or call Susan Lauricella at 203-762-3950, ext. 243.