Letter: Town snow plowing is excellent

To the Editors:

(The following letter to the Department of Public Works is reprinted here at the author’s request.)

I have been a resident of Wilton for 30 years. I have witnessed and experienced many snow storms and have never had one single complaint about the plowing here in Wilton. In fact, I am praising the men and women of the Town of Wilton who plow our streets during snow storms.

Yesterday’s [Tuesday] storm reminded me yet again of what a wonderful job they do. We all know how the winding roads, hills and valleys of our streets are treacherous even under normal circumstances. Yet the plowing is so dependable, reliable and thorough that we all know that soon after snowfall, our roads are cleared and passable for safe driving. The entire department needs to be recognized and praised for this consistently excellent service. Thank you.

Michele Dunn

Ambler Lane, March 15