Letter: Town critics should not be vilified

To the Editors:
Once upon a time Henny Penny apologized for creating an unfounded ruckus. But had she ample notification that Goosey Loosey, among other fellow travelers, had initiated a costly pet project that could saddle her town with a heavy tax burden perhaps the story would have ended differently.
Little did Henny Penny or others in the hamlet know that Goosey Loosey was unconcerned that the cost of his pet project had ballooned from $5 million to an improbably high of $50-plus million. But once alerted to this hither-to-unknown amount Turkey Lurkey, Gander Lander, and others also cried out:  “Stop! Something is amiss, time to discuss this.”
Sensing trouble, Goosey Loosey enlisted Foxy Woxy to woo the hamlet’s inhabitants to his side. Foxy Woxy spoke politely; so as not to frighten them. “I know a shortcut..” he said sweetly. “Come and follow me.” But Foxy Woxy did not lead them to safety, he led them right up to the entrance of his foxhole.
Amazingly, once they were inside Foxy Woxy planned to allow costs to soar, with ever higher bond fees and taxes gobbling up the townsfolk’s hard-earned money.
But late in the day information about Goosey Lossey’s and Foxy Woxy’s plans leaked, causing others besides Henny Penny to start clucking for transparency.
Although the pet project narrowly squeaked by, in the end the majority of inhabitants had their voices heard when they sent a message loud and clear to those for whom spending is dear, by soundly voting down the hamlet’s bloated budget.
The moral of the story is that while some decry and even vilify those who speak out, it takes guts to be a chicken; especially when it comes to seeking transparency about how the townsfolk’s money is being spent.
Thomas Curtin
Tamarack Place, June 29