Letter: Proud and ashamed!

To the Editors:

I’m so proud of the Parkland, Fla., students who in response to this tragic shooting made the difficult decision not to be victims, but rather be warriors and take on the staggering fight for common-sense gun control in this country.

I’m ashamed of our generation and our politicians who have repeatedly chosen to look the other way in the aftermath of these repeated tragedies involving assaults against our students and our children.

What a horrible example we are to future generations when we refuse to even engage in reasonable dialogue for common-sense change. It shouldn’t be our children’s job to teach us right from wrong, but it has come to that and thank God for them.

Let’s take a common-sense approach with some basic steps that don’t reduce our second amendment rights and institute background checks, limits on assault rifles and limits on magazine sizes.


Danny Sullivan

Wilton, Feb. 25