Letter: Common-sense gun laws needed now

To the Editors:

Machine-gun slaughter of our children — Wilton's could be next — will continue until we sleep-walking voters install in the U.S. government enough people of sufficient moral character to pass a common-sense stopper law: any person other than military and police who owns, possesses, transports, buys, sells, repairs or uses machine guns shall go to prison for quite a while after paying a large fine.

A clear definition might be any gun delivering more than one slug per trigger pull. Doesn't matter if the spray rate is two per second or 200 per second; it's an abomination aimed only to destroy fellow humans.

Current owners turning in these obscene weapons can take some comfort in their melt-down contribution to making some nice girders for our sagging bridges. That second amendment provides no right for citizen ownership of a nuke or a group-murder machine.

Gordon W. Nugent

Rivergate Drive, Feb. 19