Learn to reset, recharge and reconnect in Wilton

Modern conveniences can be overwhelming. Many of us own twice the amount of stuff we did 50 years ago, purging our spaces only to mindlessly click and fill them again. Social media overuse frazzles psychologists and impedes genuine connection. Online dating is at an all-time high across age groups; yet one-third of users never swipe into offline romance. Americans bill more out-of-office hours than any other advanced economy, and auto-binge-watching has replaced the much-anticipated movie marathon.
In a world designed for “overwhelm,” it’s no wonder we can feel exhausted and unsure. We prize sisterhood and community among our greatest assets. Yet, too often we get stuck in ruts and time passes swiftly. We feel a call to help others but struggle to find the time or energy to move forward and create lasting change.
Wilton author Jacqueline Raposo will talk about how to reset, recharge and reconnect with community at Wilton Library on Thursday, May 9, at 7 p.m., when she discusses her first book, The Me Without: A Year Exploring Habit, Healing, and Happiness.
Raposo will talk about how our brains can sometimes accidentally wire us for inactivity. She’ll explain what we can do to reset, regroup and recharge ourselves first and foremost. Then, with this renewed focus on “self,” we can better connect to the communities we wish to serve.
Raposo is an interviewer and writer of articles for Food & Wine, Saveur and Cosmopolitan. She is the producer and co-host of Love Bites Radio and connects chronic illness/disability advocates with protest events as the co-founder of #MarchingWithMe.
Admission is $20, $10 for students. Register in advance, as seating is limited. Mail a check payable to “P.E.O. Chapter W” to Del Overby, 105 Pine Ridge Road, Wilton, CT 06897 or register online at https://bit.ly/2usKQJg.
A light dessert reception will follow, with an opportunity to meet the author and purchase her book courtesy of Elm Street Books.
This event is a fundraiser sponsored by The PEO Sisterhood, an international philanthropic and educational organization that promotes educational opportunities for women. All proceeds will benefit PEO grants, awards and scholarships to support women’s education. For information about PEO, email Debbie Zucco at zucchini21@yahoo.com or visit peointernational.org.