Lamont and Blumenthal endorse Stephanie Thomas for Wilton’s 143rd district

Democratic candidate Stephanie Thomas for state representative (143rd district) reports she has been endorsed by Governor Ned Lamont and Senator Richard Blumenthal.

“We have thousands of people moving into our state right now…[and as Connecticut transplants] you and I [have spoken] about how we want to make sure that Connecticut continues to be a place that is welcoming,” said Lamont in his endorsement.

He said the state needs people who know how to balance a budget, care about others, and care about affordable healthcare.

“I know you can make a difference up there and I look forward to being with you for the next two years,” Lamont said.

Thomas said, “Our economy stays healthy when our citizens stay healthy and when our businesses can afford to stay in business. I will fight with urgency for affordable healthcare for our small businesses, nonprofits and individuals.”

As a fundraising consultant, Thomas says she has built a career on her ability to bring people of various viewpoints together to move forward towards a common goal. Blumenthal seized on that by saying, “She’s a consensus builder and she will help bring together ... communities and people of diverse views.”

“I will be a voice in Hartford for everyone in the 143rd district whether they voted for me or not,” Thomas said. “I will listen to the viewpoints of all my constituents and fight for them with a sense of urgency. I am running to move our system away from politics and back to good governance.”