WILTON —A lawsuit filed by Michael Powers against the town of Wilton and the Board of Selectmen has been dismissed.

First Selectwoman Lynne Vanderslice told the board at its meeting on Monday, Dec. 16, that earlier that day the judge (Hon. David R. Tobin) dismissed the suit at a hearing, “from the bench,” without adjourning to formulate a decision. “It speaks to the absolute lack of merit in the allegations in the lawsuit,” she said.

She said the town was forced to pay taxpayer dollars on its defense for what she deemed a “frivolous” suit. She estimated the town’s legal costs were approximately $10,000. “Dollars that we might have otherwise spent on a more worthwhile purpose,” she said.

Vanderslice said Powers threatened to file an appeal, and she urged him to reconsider it. She asked those who voted for him in November to reach out to him and ask him to reconsider and not waste any further dollars.

Powers filed the lawsuit against the town and Board of Selectmen in September when he was a petitioning candidate for first selectman.

His suit claimed the board failed to follow Robert’s Rules of Order for making a motion on a number of occasions and asked the court to rule actions on those motions as “null and void.”

Vanderslice handily beat Powers in the November election.