Johnson gets seat on Wilton Planning and Zoning Commission

Democrat Florence Johnson will take a seat on the Wilton Planning and Zoning Commission.

On Tuesday’s ballot, voters were allowed to to choose four candidates out of six that were running for spots on the commission.

While Johnson came in fifth with 2,304 votes, she will still get a seat due to minority representation rules.

Minority representation limits the maximum number of members from one party to serve on a board or commission. The top four P&Z vote getters were all Republicans, but only three are allowed on the commission in order not to exceed minority representation limits.

The top vote getters, securing positions on the Planning and Zoning Commission are:

1. Unaffiliated incumbent Melissa-Jean Rotini, who got 2871 votes.

Rotini ran on the Republican line and therefore is designated as a Republican in terms of party representation on the commission, according to Wilton Town Clerk Lori Kaback.

2. Richard Tomasetti, Sr. (R), with 2808 votes.

3. Matthew Murphy (R), with 2639 votes.

Unaffiliated Jake Bittner, who ran on the Republican line, got 2,515 votes, besting Johnson’s 2,304 votes. However, Bittner does not get a seat on P&Z due to minority representation.

Johnson, a Wilton native, gets the fourth spot.

Democrat Rem Bigosinski finished sixth with 2,176 votes and was not elected.


In the race for Constables, voters were told to choose three candidates on the ballot, but there were in fact five candidates elected, according to Kaback.

The five top vote-getting constable candidates elected were:

Ernest Ricco (D) 2080 votes

Christpher Gardner (R) 2435 votes

Bo Mitchell (D) 2042 votes

Lianne Acosta-Rua (R) 2428 votes

Raymond Tobiassen (R) 2163 votes