It’s Ok To Not Be Ok: When & How to Get Help in Wilton

Wilton Social Services, Wilton Youth Services, and the Wilton Police Department together with the nonprofit organizations Kids in Crisis, and Positive Directions will be hosting a discussion on mental health on Wednesday, Aug. 18, from noon to 12:30 p.m. via Zoom. The website for the event is

According to discussion organizers, the coronavirus’ new virus COVID-19 has taken a toll on everyone with depression, anxiety and substance use increasing over the past year.

The discussion will focus on how to recognize the signs that help is needed, demystify the process of seeking help and share local resources.

“The Town of Wilton’s Social Services Department is happy to help any resident in need, and this includes mental health,” the Director of the Wilton Social Services department, Sarah Heath told Hearst Connecticut Media in an email on Monday, Aug. 9. “It can be confusing to navigate and we have professionals ready and willing to help you. We hope anyone interested in learning how to access help will attend, whether you are interested in helping yourself or a loved one,” Gioffre said. RSVP to Positive Directions at

For more information on the event, contact Heath at or (203) 834-6238.