Heavy rains and strong winds from Tropical Storm Isaias have battered Wilton and the region, toppling trees and power lines and closings roads.

Tornado warnings sprang up across Connecticut today as wind gusts reached 70 mph.

Eversource is reporting that 4,863 customers in Wilton, 64.56-percent of the town, were without power as of 9 p.m.

Statewide, 37.21 percent, more than 476,000 Eversource customers have power outages.

Eversource spokesman Mitch Gross confirmed an issue with Eversource’s automated outage reporting systems, and said the company was working to fix it Tuesday night. He said the company is “proactively reaching out to customers via email and phone to confirm outages.

“We are aware of the significant number of outages across Connecticut, we are actively working to assess the damage across the state, and we have all of our crews, as well as additional resources ready to begin restoration as soon as it is safe,” Gross said.

Gross said customers should call 1-800-286-2000 to report outages. He said all of the 149 towns and cities in the utility’s service area felt the storm’s effects.

The Wilton Police Department reports impacts on the following roads/nearest cross streets as of 9 p.m. on Tuesday:

Ambler Ln, Area of #11

Banks Dr, Area of #10

Belden Hill Rd, Seir Hill Rd

Belden Hill Road, Old Farm Rd

Belden Hill Rd, Area of #552

Black Alder Ln, Multiple Locations

Borglum Rd, Area of #84

Brandon Circle, Liberty St

Buckingham Ridge

Calvin Rd, Coley Rd

Cannon Rd, Multiple Locations

Cannon Rd, Sturges Ridge Rd

Cedar Rd, Cobbs Mill Ln

Cheesespring Rd, Area of #68

Cobbs Mill Rd, Area of #8

Danbury Rd - Rt 7, Olmstead Hill - Seeley Rd

Drum Hill Rd, Hidden Lake Ridge

Duck Pond Pl, Area of #12

Dudley Rd, Spoonwood Ln

Erdman Ln

Fairview Ln, Area of #19

Forest Ln, Area of #73

Forge Rd, Telva Ln

Gaylord Dr N

Glen Hill Rd, Glen Hill Ln

Glen Hill Rd, Area of #24

Graenest Ridge Rd, Area of #143

Graenest Ridge Rd, Area of #83

Graenest Ridge Rd, Multiple Locations

Granite Dr, Area of #8

Ground Pine Rd, Area of #27

Hearthstone Rd, Belden Hill Rd

Hemmelskamp Rd, Surrey Glen

Henry Austin, Bhasking Ridge

Hickory Hill Rd, Area of #18

Honey Hill Rd, Quail Ridge

Huckleberry Hill Rd, Quiet Lake Ln

Kellogg Dr, Mayflower

Kent Rd, Chipmunk Ln

Linden Tree Rd, Area of #261

Longmeadow Rd, Area of #37

Millstone Rd, Area of #100

Mountain Rd, Indian Hill Rd

Mountain Rd, Branch Brook Rd

New Canaan Rd, Trails End

New Canaan Rd, Area of #196

Newtown Tpke, Area #278

Nod Hill Rd, Ridgefield Rd-Olmstead

Nod Hill Rd, Partrick

Nod Hill Rd, Granite Dr

Nod Hill Rd, Teapot Ln

Nod Hill Rd, Ryders

Old Belden Hill, Norwalk Town Line

Old Boston Rd, Saddle Ridge Rd

Old Huckleberry Hill, Area of #193

Olmstead Hill Rd, Area of #28

Olmstead Hill Rd, Area of #325

Overridge Ln, Area of #24

Pimpewaug Rd, Skunk Ln

Pipers Hill Rd

Portland Ave, Area of #96

Powder Horn Hill Rd, Area of #30

Ridgefield Rd, Middlebrook Farm Rd

Ridgefield Rd, Signal Hill Rd S

Ridgefield Rd, Center St

Rivergate Dr, Area of #90

Rossimur Ct

Ryders Lane

School Rd, Kristine Lily Ln

Sear Hill Rd, Area of #143

Seir Hill Rd, Hillcrest Pl

Sharp Hill Rd, Raymond Ln

Spoonwood Rd, Area of #48

Stonebridge Rd, Area of #72

Sturges Ridge Rd, Area of #321

Sturges Ridge Rd, Bhasking Ridge

Sturges Ridge Rd, Cedar Rd

Sturges Ridge Rd, Area of #137

Thunderlake Rd, Area of #98

Turtleback Ln, Area of #6

Wampum Hill Rd

Westport Rd, Mollbrook

Westport Rd, Poplar Plains Rd

Wolfpit Rd, Horseshoe Rd

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