In this week's Wilton Bulletin

Here are some of the stories and features in this week's Wilton Bulletin, in mailboxes and on newsstands today:

• What kind of threat would Super 7 have been to Wilton? Inside is another installment of Bo Mitchell's series.

• Registered Democrats and Republicans across the state head to the polls this Tuesday.

• Primary countdown: Who's running and what they stand for.

• It turns out a jewel-toned beetle can do quite a bit of damage around town.

• After Keeler's closed for business less than a year ago, a new hardware store will open.

• Wilton River Park has been sold.

• Construction at Wilton Commons is making unprecedented progress.

• Be advised: another resident has fallen victim to a money-wiring scam.

• Grange Fair is set for Aug. 19, keeping Wilton's rural past alive.

• Rotary Club management is changing hands, but its mission remains on a steady course.

• Caraluzzi's is expanding and evolving to meet changing tastes.

• The Greens at Cannondale has added a wellness specialist.

• A new art exhibit takes a closer look at Weir Farm's painters.

• Letters: A swan song for BirdNotes, the government keeps getting fatter and fatter, endorsements for Susan Bysiewicz, Toni Boucher and Gail Lavielle.

• Stephen Hudspeth considers wind energy.

• Joe Brenner offers thoughts on making change happen.

• The tennis courts are in need of repair — perhaps a private-public enterprise.

• Wallace and Grommit went to the moon for cheese. You only have to go to the farmers market.

• Looking for a job? The Wilton Library has some resources.

• The ride home should be getting smoother as the fix-up on local roads begins.

• Can you hear me now? Got a noise complaint? Air it at a public information meeting on the subject.

• Seniors get a break on dumping their trash.

• Congressman Jim Himes visits Weir Farm.

• If there's a soccer ball being kicked around Kabul, it's probably got the Madaras name on it. The balls are making their way around the globe as well.

• Finding the Olympics inspiring? Sports editor Tim Murphy finds some athletes' excuses worth writing about.

• The football community makes a priority of preventing concussions.

• Olympic gold medalists Bob and Mike Bryan will visit the Lake Club.

• Wilton Y gymnasts succeed at national competition.

• Wilton Wahoos are victorious.

• Home Monthly: A profile of a Wilton home on Olmstead, a house tour in Silvermine, kitchen cabinets, antique homes, and storm preparedness.

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