In this week’s Wilton Bulletin

Here are some of the stories and features in this week's Wilton Bulletin, in mailboxes and on newsstands today:

• A tragic accident could have been deadly if not for a dramatic rescue by Wilton police and firefighters.

• Religions unite to fight hunger together: more than 400 expected to participate in charitable outreach against hunger.

• Exclusive interviews with Sen. Toni Boucher and challenger Carolanne Curry illuminate their candidacies for the state Senate seat.

• A fresh cut of our culture's cloth: textile exhibit reflects on 25 years.

• Letters: Readers discuss local elections, investment strategies and board-member solicitations.

• Jack McFadden offers insights into the Mormon faith.

• A new design and roofing project is underway at Comstock Community Center.

• The grounds near Wilton High now offer an outdoor fitness center, free and open to the public.

• Halloween kicks off with a hustle: 5k run will initiate a season of holiday festivities.

• The much-anticipated new downtown hardware store is working with Planning & Zoning to fit a multi-national chain into a traditional town center.

• Voter enrollment sessions will be offered at town hall.

• Learn about candidates' upcoming meetings and debates with a comprehensive election schedule.

• Local author publishes a murder mystery novel, set on a New England college campus.

• Art exhibit takes a look at feminine beauty and strength at River Road Gallery.

• Miller-Driscoll is set to host "Read-Aloud Day" for local students.

• Beauty shop offers slew of organic products with ingredients that are "cruelty-fee."

• Girl Scouts collect sleeping bags for Bridgeport Rescue Mission.

• High school girls' soccer cruises to a 7-0 victory over Trinity Catholic.

• Local gymnast honored as Wilton's "Sports Person of the Year."

• Youth sports groups join in concerted effort to establish a new athletic field.

• Arts & Leisure: A preview of the Aldrich museum's weekend of design, spooky Halloween events, This American Life's Ira Glass in Ridgefield, the legacy of Louis Armstrong, fall fair at New Canaan Nature Center, A Raisin in the Sun in Westport, gems from the New York Film Festival.

• Home: One couple's story of a historic home renovation, home energy audits, avoiding chimney cleaning scams, reflections on the growing season.

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