There was a pool party for one very large, unexpected guest at a home in Wilton on Monday.

An errant horse from a neighbor’s yard made its way into a backyard pool of Wilton homewner, Kathy Saeed, according to a report by News 12 Connecticut/.

Kathy Saeed told News 12 she was on her way out the door of her home when she suddenly saw her neighbor’s horse on her front lawn.

Saeed saw her neighbor trying to coax her horse back to her house. The horse took off galloping to Saaed's backyard and leapt into the pool. The horse then got trapped under a pool cover, according to the report.

The Saeed family’s home security cameras caught the entire incident, according to News 12.

Wilton police officers, firefighters and Animal Control officers responded and were able to pull the pool cover away from the trapped horse. The horse was able to swim out safely, according to the report.

The horse was reportedly uninjured and returned to its owner.