The Wilton Historic District and Historic Property Commission reviewed four questions related to Wilton’s Plan of Conservation Development (POCD) during its Jan. 2 meeting.

Milone & MacBroom, consultants handling the update of the town’s POCD, sent the questions to the commission on Dec. 21, and are seeking to elicit preliminary feedback by Jan. 17.

Historic commission members agreed that the deadline to respond was “unrealistic” as there was “not enough advance notice, and with the holidays, there should have been more time allotted,” according to the meeting minutes.

Because the questions were “broad,” the commission focused on only two of them and plans to address the other two in the future.

The first question it addressed asked what the commission believed are the “three to five most important planning, conservation and/or development issues facing Wilton.” The commission’s response was:

  • Loss of historic structures;
  • Expansion of historic districts;
  • The future of Cannondale;
  • Age-restricted overlay district (AROD);
  • Community awareness and education about historic districts, the work of the historic commission, and how both help maintain the character of Wilton.

The other questions asked what “three to five highest priority initiatives or objectives” the commission is currently pursuing, or thinks should be pursued, that would be “relevant to a comprehensive plan for the next 10 years.” The commission responded:

  • Find a way for boards and commissions to share expertise and input with each other.
  • The future of the Cannondale area.
  • Help preserve Wilton’s antique structures and educate the public, particularly owners of historic homes, to ensure they understand options available to protect their home and its future.
  • Establish Wilton a Certified Local Government, allowing possible access to state funding for historic preservation efforts.

About the POCD

According to, the POCD is a “comprehensive plan” and “guidance document” that provides “a long-term vision” for the town and guides decision-making related to “growth, development and conservation” over the next 10 years.

Municipalities are required by the State of Connecticut to update their POCDs every 10 years.

According to the site, the POCD will look at “a range of topics that will influence Wilton over the coming decade, including demographics, housing, land use, community facilities, infrastructure, economic development, open space, recreation, transportation and sustainability.”

Meetings and sessions

Community members can get involved with the process through public workshops and community surveys.

The Planning and Zoning Commission held a kick-off POCD meeting on Sept. 12, followed by a work session on Nov. 8, during which it reviewed things like demographics, housing, community facilities and cultural resources data and analysis.

A POCD Committee work session is scheduled for 7 p.m. on Jan. 24, at the town hall annex, during which there will be a review of the planning process and schedule, as well as an update on land use, open space data and analysis, and a discussion of priority issues.

A public information session and visioning workshop is planned for February, but the  date has yet to be determined.

For the full POCD meeting schedule, visit