Historic buildings get new roofs

The Wilton Historical Society has directed a $20,000 grant it recently received from Wilton’s Elizabeth Raymond Ambler Trust to the replacement of wooden roofs on two historic buildings at Lambert Corner: the Hurlbutt Street General Store & Post Office and the Davenport Barn.

Wilton Historical Society co-director Allison Sanders said the funding “could not have come at a better time. … Wood shingle roofs are generally expected to have a lifetime of 20 to 25 years,” she said, and that mark had been passed for both buildings.

The roofs of the general store and barn — built around 1889 and 1860, respectively — had been repaired “numerous times in the past few years,” according to a press release.

The Davenport Barn roof was last replaced in 1991, while the roof of the Hurlbutt Street General Store & Post Office was last replaced in 1993.

Of the two projects, re-roofing of the general store was the “most urgently needed,” according to the press release. Not only were the store’s moss-covered shingles curling, but about 10% of them were missing.

Work on the Hurlbutt Street General Store & Post Office was completed on Sept. 24. According Sanders, re-roofing the Davenport Barn is expected to be finished by the end of October.