Historic barn to be preserved

It looks like the demolition delay imposed by the Historic District and Historic Property Commission last month on the historic barn at 211 Danbury Road will be lifted sooner than its Nov. 14 expiration date.

During the commission’s Sept. 5 meeting, Wilton Historical Society trustee Lee Wilson presented a letter showing an agreement between Sunrise Senior Living, owner of 211 Danbury Road, and the Wilton Historical Society regarding the fate of the barn.

“[Sunrise] is going to donate the barn to the historical society and have it deconstructed and put into a steel container so we can store [and eventually] reconstruct it,” said Wilson, who has been “instrumental” in raising money to deconstruct the barn and “get it to the historical society.”

The letter has been signed by the senior vice president of Sunrise Senior Living, but still needs the signature of Wilton Historical Society President E. Bulkeley Griswold.

Wilson asked the commission to “lift the delay on the demolition of the barn, subject to this letter being properly signed and your receipt of it.”

Historic District and Historic Property Commission Chair Allison Sanders told The Bulletin the cost to dismantle and store the barn is $25,000.

According to the meeting minutes, Sunrise Senior Living not only donated the barn to the historical society, but also agreed to cover the cost of disassembling and storing it for future restoration.

“It’s great to see a rule in place that works well,” said Sanders. “We’re very, very pleased.”

At the meeting, Sanders thanked Wilson and said this is “the ideal outcome” of a demolition delay.

Upon receiving the fully signed letter, Sanders said, the commission will lift the demolition delay and inform the building department.