High-visibility signs OK'd

Sandwich boards will no longer riddle the little open space available at Lambert Corners, thanks to a new sign plan tentatively agreed upon at Monday’s Planning & Zoning meeting.

Instead, new red, black and white signs will soon adorn properties owned by the Wilton Historical Society throughout town, a move that will help the society expand visibility in the community for itself and its tenants, representatives said at the meeting.

The signs, designed by Yale Professor Pamela Hovland, will be standardized among all three properties owned by the society, and were tentatively approved by the commission on Monday.

The historical society owns its own campus, as well as Lambert Corner and Cannon Corners.

“Our purpose is to identify clearly where these properties are, and what our tenants do,” said Bob Faesy, the society’s architect. “We agree we want to avoid the sandwich boards [that currently litter the Lambert Corner property.] It’s unfair to the tenants.”

An official decision by the commission is expected at its next meeting on Monday, Sept. 22.

Remaining points of open discussion — on the final size and placement of the signs, and secondary signage on the properties — will be addressed over the course of the next two weeks.