Help for caregivers at The Greens

Being the caregiver of an older person is often a 24/7 job. The Greens at Cannondale has started a caregiver program to provide person-to-person help. Issues like nutrition, communication challenges, mental stimulation activities and overall health will be discussed, one-on-one, with members of its licensed medical staff: geriatrician, geriatrics psychiatrist, activities director or admissions counselor.

Each caregiver will have personal appointments with professionals who work with residents and understand the many problems that can occur every day. This free visit will be tailored to each caregiver’s individual needs.

Caregivers be able  to spend two hours to a full day at The Greens, observing the programs and consulting with staff. They will be invited to enjoy a meal in the dining room.

This is a free community service for those who are facing the challenge of caregiving and want to know the best, most effective ways to cope, from experts in the field.

To schedule a free visit, call The Greens at Cannondale  at 203-761-1191 and ask to speak to the geriatric care manager.