Health Department takes oil tank survey

The Wilton Health Department is conducting a townwide survey to determine the number of residential home heating oil tanks that are in place in the community.

“As the saying goes, knowledge is power,” said Barry Bogle, the health director.

Bogle is asking residents with oil tanks to participate in the survey, available on the town website,, or to go to the link

“Recently articles in the local news media covered stories on a number of oil spills,” Bogle said in a statement, including one spill of 500 gallons in a Wilton crawl space in September. That spill is still under investigation.

“An oil spill from an underground storage tank (UST) or an aboveground storage tank (AST) occurs in a number of ways — overfilling of the tank by delivery person, equipment problem, crack in the oil tank, feeder lines, filters, fittings in/on the furnace, total failure of an oil tank, etc.,” he said. “Oftentimes these leaks or failures go undetected or are deemed to be minor or inconsequential. However, any such event may cause significant adverse effects to our natural resources. These leaks can be very difficult to remediate and can result in enormous financial expenses.”

Bogle asked residents to prepare for the upcoming winter heating season by having a complete inspection of their oil tank and its components when having the boiler and furnace serviced.

“The Wilton Health Department implores those of our residents who use home heating oil to be proactive in the effort to protect our natural resources and property,” he said.

Letters are going out to homeowners as well inviting them to participate in the survey.