Hawks delay removal of power tower

Eversource, the power company, will remove a steel tower at the Wilton train station on Station Road Saturday, Sept. 23, as part of its recent upgrade to modern monopoles.
The rain date is Sunday, Sept. 24. Hours of construction will be from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
“This is part of the system upgrade work we have been doing there,” said Mitch Gross, spokesman for the company. “The older structure will be removed now that the new one is in place.”
The company would have done it months sooner, but work was delayed by a family of red-tailed hawks living in the tower. “We waited for the birds to migrate elsewhere to avoid disturbing their home,” Gross said.
Maintaining the infrastructure that supports electric lines is one of the ways Eversource ensures the safe, secure transmission of electricity throughout the region, according to the company.
The goal is to minimize the impact on train riders, so the work will only temporarily affect train station parking.
Before the work starts, the company will put signs in the parking areas to provide notice to those parking at the station.
During construction, the affected parking spaces will be roped off. Drivers will be directed to the existing overflow parking available on the northwest side of the tracks, if needed.
The work is not expected to affect traffic in the area.
“We continue to coordinate with the town of Wilton on this work,” Gross said.