State Senator Will Haskell (D-26) plans to join protestors and labor leaders as part of a continued effort to hold a Westport restaurant accountable for the actions of its owners.

The protest will take place on Tuesday, Aug. 13, at noon at Matsu Sushi restaurant, 33 Jessup Road, in Westport.

In late 2017, the business fired two staff members, Jianming Jiang and Liguo Ding, after they refused to work three consecutive shifts, including two days shifts and an overnight shift, to fulfill a large order. This shift has also been referred to as “the 36-hour shift.” Further, Jiang and Ding charge that the owners stole wages from them, as well as deposits they paid to them.

Jiang and Ding worked with the Flushing Workers Center to file a labor complaint against Matsu Sushi last year. After a mid-2018 trial, the owners were legally required to rehire Jiang and Ding, but appealed the decision. That appeal was denied in late June of this year with an order for the owners to rehire the workers within 14 days; more than a month later, they refuse to comply with the order.

A press conference will be held at the protest. Organizers seek to call on the owners to reinstate Jiang and Ding - who worked at the restaurant for more than a decade before their firing and want to return to work.