State Senator Will Haskell (D-26) and State Representative Kerry Wood (D-29) have announced continued development of legislation passed last year with intent toward improved efficiency and reduced spending in state agencies.

The pair co-sponsored Senate Bill 682 (Public Act 19-10) AN ACT ESTABLISHING A REWARD PROGRAM FOR STATE EMPLOYEE REPORTING OF WASTEFUL PRACTICES, which was passed during the 2019 legislative session after support from state employees with suggestions for improving wasteful practices within state government.

The bill offers state employees who find wasteful practices in their agencies up to 5% of the net savings after they report the practice and it is made more efficient. Once verified by the Auditors of Public Accounts, the agency will make a lump-sum payment to the employee using the funds of the division or department within the agency that benefited from the cost savings.

“This legislation creates a win-win relationship for the state and its employees while encouraging efficiency and reduced spending,” Haskell said. “I am excited to see what benefits the state can receive from innovative advances like this. Most importantly, this will ensure every taxpayer dollar is spent effectively.”

Agencies appointed representatives to lead the program and educated state employees about the policy, which has been in effect since Nov 1, 2019. State auditors will be brought in to assess employee suggestions within the year. The state agency suggestion coordinator will review any suggestion received to determine whether it is eligible for consideration.