Hands Off Our Schools has launched an independent expenditure political action committee with the goal of raising money to advocate for local decision-making in education for all school districts within Connecticut.
“Forced school regionalization does not improve our children’s education. It does not save taxpayers money and it hurts our communities,” said Chris DeMuth Jr., one of the organizers of the effort.
Hands Off Our Schools supports:

  • Voluntary shared services for the purpose of improving educational outcomes and reducing costs.

  • The removal of state-imposed barriers that unnecessarily drive up education costs.

  • Measures focused on improving educational outcomes across all school districts.

The group opposes forced regionalization of school districts and state-imposed punitive measures to coerce regionalization.

Hands Off Our Schools invites citizens to stay abreast of the latest developments by joining its Facebook group. Supporters are also encouraged to write letters to local papers and contact their representatives. Those wishing to make a financial contribution may do so at https://secure.anedot.com/hoos/donate.

“We hope that by standing together we can stop forced regionalization from destroying our top-performing schools and our property values along with them,” said DeMuth. “The uncertainty caused by these bills is already impacting the desire of people to raise their families here. Together we will protect our schools, towns, and kids from the threat of forced regionalization.”