Gunshots fired on Grumman Avenue; husband and wife injured

Update: Tuesday, 11:59 a.m. — Wilton police continue to investigate a shooting on Grumman Road that occurred yesterday morning and left a man with life-threatening injuries and a woman also injured. The newest information indicates that the couple "were involved in a struggle with a rifle" when it was discharged, according to Capt. John Lynch. The man was shot in the face, "causing life threatening injuries," according to Capt. Lynch. The woman suffered "facial injuries," which were not considered life threatening.

Capt. Lynch said Wilton police and the Stamford district attorney's office are "actively investigating" the incident, along with the state police major crime scene investigation unit, who "assisted with evidence collection."

Update: Monday, 3 p.m. — At a press conference this afternoon, Police Chief Michael Lombardo and Capt. John Lynch elaborated only slightly on the events that took place.

Injured were a 47-year-old man and a 39-year-old woman who are married and live together in the home where the shooting apparently took place. No one else appeared to be involved and police are not searching for anyone, according to Chief Lombardo.

"The investigation is still in its very early stages," Chief Lombardo said.

Police received a 911 call around 8 this morning when the injured woman fled to a neighbor's house seeking help.

Three patrol officers responded immediately, along with Wilton EMS. They were joined shortly by Chief Lombardo, Capt. Lynch and members of the detective unit.

Both the husband and wife were taken to Norwalk Hospital but police could not give any further information on their condition. A call to the hospital seeking information on their condition has not been returned.

Capt. Lynch said the incident would be considered a domestic incident by state statute since the two are married. He did not know if police had been called to the home in the past, but that is part of their investigation.

The incident occurred while the couple's children were in school, and both the schools and school resource officer were notified. Police could not say how many children the couple have.

The State Police Major Crime Scene Investigation Unit has been called in to assist with evidence collection, but Chief Lombardo said Wilton police will lead the investigation. As of this afternoon, police had applied for a warrant to enter the home to begin collecting evidence.

This is a routine application, the chief said, and as soon as it is approved police will enter the home, which has been secured.

Monday, 11 a.m.: Two adults have been injured, apparently with gunshot wounds, Monday morning, Nov. 26.

Wilton police received a report of gunshots being fired at a private home at approximately 8 this morning on Grumman Avenue.

When police responded they found two injured adults who were taken to Norwalk Hospital. Both appear to have been the result of a gunshot, police say.

Police are actively investigating and no further information was available at this time.