Grant will improve architectural survey

The Wilton Historical Society has been awarded a $30,000 grant from the State Historic Preservation Office to update and expand Wilton’s 1989 architectural survey of historically and architecturally significant homes.
The grant, which the Wilton Historical Society applied for in mid-June, is one of the Survey and Planning Grants offered by the State Historic Preservation Office of the Department of Economic and Community Development to municipalities and nonprofits to be used for historic preservation planning purposes.
With the money, the historical society will move to the second phase of the 1989 survey, also known as the Wilton Cultural Resources Survey.
In 1989, an architectural historian, with the support of the historical society and the Connecticut Historical Commission, identified, researched and cataloged the town’s historically important structures.
“We are eager to expand on the 1989 Cultural Resources Survey, which is an extremely important document referred to by the historical society, the Historic District and Historic Properties Commission, and the public,” Allison Sanders, vice chair of Wilton’s Historic District and Historic Properties Commission, told The Bulletin in October.
In the second phase, Sanders said, the Wilton Historical Society’s Historic Preservation Committee will work with an architectural historian to survey approximately 20 more buildings built before 1930, as well as an additional 350 homes built between 1920 and 1940.
“We also wish to digitize the existing information in the 1989 survey, combine it with the new research, and make it available online,” she said.
A list of homes on the 1989 Architectural Survey is available here, and details of the homes listed on the survey are available in the Wilton Library History Room at 137 Old Ridgefield Road.
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