Governor sets $10K fine for CT COVID violations

A new fine that will affect businesses that violate COVID-19 rules and capacity limits went into effect on Thanksgiving day. Gov. Ned Lamont issued an executive order that increases the fine from $500 to $10,000.

He said he took the action as the result of feedback he received from municipal leaders, public health officials, and people from within the business community, according to a press release from his office.

“The sector rules and capacity limits we’ve implemented are intended to mitigate the spread of this disease to the greatest extent possible,” Lamont said. “While the overwhelming majority of businesses in Connecticut have shown an incredible amount of leadership and have been fantastic partners in this front, we have seen a small number of businesses in flagrant violation of these public health rules, and that’s all you need to cause a super-spreading event that leads to a large number of cases and hospitalizations.

“We want to do everything we can to mitigate the further spread of this virus while avoiding the implementation of more restrictions or lockdowns on our already hard-hit economy and small businesses,” he said.

Fines for violations can be issued by local health directors or municipal designees, with the support of law enforcement. Other fines that remain in effect for violations of the state’s COVID-19 rules include $500 for organizing an event over capacity limits, $250 for attending events over capacity limits, $100 for failure to wear a face mask or covering when in public, and up to $500 for violations of the state’s travel advisory.

Gathering sizes and capacity limitations that are exempt from this order include private gatherings at homes, religious and spiritual gatherings, and graduations.