Gifts create a class legacy

Anthony SaltarelliClass of 2014 Vice President: As a class, many of us have been together since kindergarten, others have joined us only within the last four years. Each and every one of us has a different past that has brought us here today.

Over the last few years, our student government has worked together to better school climate and to create a strong legacy.

This year, the class of 2014 would like to thank Wilton High School for everything it has done for us. In doing so, we have created a new Wilton High School crest which symbolizes academics, the arts, and athletics as well as our school motto, “Nothing But Excellence.” That crest is displayed proudly on each of our gowns today.

Larkin BrownClass of 2014 Co-President: Through the donation of new trophy cases for the halls of Wilton High School we hope that the memory of our class will live on.

These cases will hold the memories of victories from sports teams and academic teams alike. We are proud to create a place where the hard work and dedication of Wilton High School students will be displayed for years to come.

As we grow older we must hold onto the lessons we have learned, and most importantly, the friendships we have made.

In first grade, some of us remember the experience of watching tiny chicks hatch. Others share tug-of-war victories at Cider Mill, where the students with the rope-burned hands of the winning house were named field day champions.

But whether you just recently became a Wilton Warrior, or were in Red, Yellow, or Green, or in Nod Hill, Belden Hill, Cannondale, or Kent, or even here as early as Miller or Driscoll, you are now, and always a member of the Wilton High School class of 2014.

Thank you for helping to create our legacy.

Anthony and Larkin gave these speeches during the 2014 Wilton High School graduation ceremony on Saturday, June 21.

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