Ghost of Ridgefield Road

In 1992, Nancy and Norman Howard told The Bulletin they had seen a ghost in their former home at 422 Ridgefield Road in the early 1980s.

Nancy said she woke up one night to find a large, shadowy figure in the couple’s bedroom.

“There aren’t really words in our language to describe it,” she told The Bulletin. “It was a dark, dark, dark hollow color, black or gray or brownish. I could just make out the head, an impression of a face. It wafted, as if it were floating very slowly.”

Nancy said she woke up her husband, who shouted at the ghost.

After that, Nancy said, it “drifted away.” According to her husband, it “disappeared.”

Although Nancy denied the ghost was the reason, the Howards sold their home shortly after seeing the apparition and Bob and Molly Caruthers moved in.

Although they had yet to see it, the Caruthers told The Bulletin in 1992, they were “prepared” and “anxious” to see the ghost.

The Caruthers no longer live at 422 Ridgefield Road and it is unknown if they ever caught a glimpse of the alleged ghost.