Georgetown Owners of 19 Main Street aim to revive area

Drive down Main Street in Georgetown and you should notice that many of the businesses are getting a facelift. What was once the Olive Market and Dance Conservatory is now 19 Main Street & Marketplace, a restaurant and marketplace serving contemporary, classic and alternative American cuisine.

Larry D’Amico of Fairfield and Marie Balitsos of Wilton bought the three storefronts to create 19 Main and to further the concept of retail within the restaurant.

“We want to follow what The Olive Market did but take it further,” said Mr. D’Amico. “We want to sell items not found in other stores.”

Display items like glass platters or serving dishes that are used as decoration in the dining area may be purchased, he said.

“If they see something they like they can buy it,” he said. “It’s fun to look around and find unusual items. You can see them in a natural setting and people can buy it if they wish.”

By having the three storefronts, Mr. D’Amico and Ms. Balitsos are able to create separate areas that flow into another.

There will be a casual bar/lounge area in one section, and a market/meeting area with a lounge area in back, said Mr. D’Amico. The building that previously housed the dance studio is going to be converted into a full dining room.

The menu, which is near completion, will have a wide variety of traditional American cuisine, said Mr. D’Amico.

“We’ll serve small plates, casual fare and some entrees,” he said.

One item on the menu is a Juicy Lucy, which originated in Minnesota and is basically a stuffed burger, he said.

“This country is rich in regional food. We want to pull the popular items and put them on the menu,” he said. “American roots can be contemporary or classical. We can put classic Italian or Spanish [dishes] and do a little bit of everything. It’s a celebration of American cuisine.”

The restaurant will serve brunch and also have breakfast items and will be open seven days a week, he said. Later on, he said they plan to do catering.

At the bar, Mr. D’Amico said they hope to serve more than just wine and beer.

“We might do some specialty martinis,” he said.

The restaurant isn’t slated to open until August but Mr. D’Amico and his staff introduced themselves during Georgetown Day on June 9 by serving Philly cheesesteaks and other food staples from New Orleans and Maine.

When the restaurant does open, Mr. D’Amico said they will be open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and will have a medium price point.

“It’ll be good for families,” he said. “I look forward to bringing life back into Georgetown in combination with the other restaurants. It’s nice for people to have options to go to different places. I look forward to working with the other places.”

In addition to 19 Main Street, Fenders and Black Cat, two new restaurants, are going to open and Mini Vinny’s is remodeling to serve dinner, he said.

“It should be a street that provides retail and food to the four towns around it,” said Mr. D’Amico. “We want to provide what the community wants.”