Former Wilton ‘eyesore’ to be revamped by Mormon Church

With the recent removal of a dilapidated structure at 241 Danbury Road, the space is now clear for construction of a new building. But it may take some time for things to progress.

The property in question, across the street from Wilton Town Hall, was purchased in January 2019 by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS, the Mormon Church).

A new church meeting house is being proposed for the site, according to Todd Herget, an ecclesiastical lay minister overseeing the LDS Church in Fairfield County.

“The Church is following a measured process, based on need,” he told The Bulletin. “We have seen our membership increase in this area and have identified an attractive piece of property in Wilton where a new meeting house is being considered,” he said, referring to 241 Danbury Road.

There are about 3,330 LDS church members in Fairfield County, according to Herget, with a congregation meeting regularly in New Canaan on Sundays.

To meet the growing LDS population, the LDS Church is moving along with a plan to develop the Wilton property, where Herget expects about 200 to 300 members will gather. But, all in due time.

“Future construction is being considered, but this is a thoughtful and measured process,” Herget stressed, noting LDS issues are overseen by its headquarters in Salt Lake City.

After razing the old building, which was viewed as an eyesore in town for many years, he said the LDS Church will continue to maintain the property. “This is a positive step,” he said.