‘Flying’ at the library through virtual reality

Wilton Library patrons catching a glimpse of half-a-dozen people seemingly staring into small cardboard boxes in the Innovation Station Monday evening might be forgiven for thinking something odd was taking place.
No, it wasn’t a low-rent version of the old Viewmaster they were peering through. It was Google Cardboard.
The device, essentially cardboard goggles, is a means of attaining a virtual reality experience. When paired with a smartphone, the $15 device enables the user to undergo a variety of virtual reality experiences.

These experiences generally involve viewing something in 3-D, although some extend to360 degrees, which led Thomas Kozak, the library’s webmaster, to suggest sitting in a swivel chair.
Kozak led six people, two teens and four adults, through the one-hour program that included downloading the Google Cardboard app and working through the tutorial. It all seemed rather routine until the viewers found themselves “flying” through the Arctic wilderness.
Then, everyone looked through available apps and tried out a number of them.
One of the boys enjoyed playing a few games while the other tried out some roller coaster apps. Google Streets was also popular as were YouTube videos and some of the 360-degree videos available through the New York Times.