Five roads closed, power outages due to wind

Wilton police report five roads have been shut down due to downed wires and trees today, March 26.

The roads currently closed include:

• New Canaan Road by Belden Hill Road;

• Westport Road by Tall Trees Road;

• Telva Road by Old Kings Highway;

• Huckleberry Hill by Trails End Road;

• Spoonwood Road by Dudley Road.

A branch down near Tall Trees Road caused a brush fire earlier today, Capt. Stuart Carter of the Wilton Fire Department said this afternoon.

“It just appeared a branch fell on the power lines, and it started to burn the branch a bit, and sparks fells down into the leaves. The brush fire was 15 by 20 feet. We extinguished that and called CL&P to get the branch down,” he said.

Brush fires are a common problem when tree branches hit what Capt. Carter called a “primary line” wire.

“Usually when they hit the primary line it will start arcing because it isn’t insulated. It is a common problem,” he said.

If a resident sees a wire down, Capt. Carter suggests they keep a safe distance — at least 60 feet — and call 911 to report the problem to fire crews and police.

There are presently 135 CL&P customers without power.

Wind advisory

A wind advisory continues until 6 this evening, according to the National Weather Service.

The strongest winds will come during the daylight hours. The National Weather Service warns of strong gusty 25-30 mph winds blowing northwest, with gusts of up to 45 mph.

Weak trees and tree limbs could be knocked down by the wind, according to the National Weather Service, causing isolated to scattered power outages. The winds will also make travel difficult for high profile vehicles.