Fitness Center opens at Comstock

You’d be surprised how much professional fitness equipment is sitting unused in the basements of homes in this affluent town.
That’s what workers at the Comstock Community Center found when they put out a call for donations of exercise gear in exchange for a tax-deduction slip. Within a month, a 24- by 24-foot room at the center became filled with professional- grade weights, weight machines, cardio machines, and weight benches. That’s how Comstock’s new fitness center came to be.
The fitness center opened on Jan. 5, with a single shy woman working up a sweat in a workout fueled by loud music over her earbuds from an MP3 player.
“You can bring music, but we have a stereo system and we are going to have music in here,” said Eddie Klukojc, director of the fitness center.
It began as a place for employees of the town to work out, and grew from there to include town residents and, now, even out-of-towners.
The cost to residents is $10 a month for individuals, $18 per month for families. The cost to outof- towners, perhaps those who work in town and can exercise on their lunch break, is $20 a month, $28 a month for non-resident families.
Hours are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., and Wednesdays from 1 to 7 p.m.
The age limit is 16 and up. No children are allowed.
“The fitness center will give people the opportunity to increase their strength, tone and firm their bodies, improve their cardiovascular system, look great, feel good, and have more energy,” the Wilton Parks and Recreation Department said in a flyer for the center.
Prospective members are offered a one-day free trial with no obligation to try the center out.
“The first day we opened, we had 12 guys in here trying it out,” Klukojc said.
There has been a lot of extra equipment donated, for which there is no space. “We’ll keep it in back, because we can’t fit everything in at this time,” he said. “There’s always that chance we can expand, which would be nice. We have a few rooms that are kind of to be determined spare rooms.
One person had signed up by Thursday afternoon. “We’ve done more trials this week than anything,” Klukojc said.
He views it as an affordable alternative to the commercial gyms. “We’re competing a little bit with the commercial gyms. We want to provide an affordable place, because a lot of people are staying away from gyms, they find them quite expensive. It’s affordable here, you can get your workout in. Get it a little cheaper and save some money,” he said.
In the coming months the recreation department is hoping to get some personal trainers available at the fitness center as well.