Fire Chief: Roads passable, but dangerous

Fire Chief Ronald Kanterman, speaking from Wilton’s emergency operations center in the police department, said Tuesday morning the town’s roads are passable, but remain extremely dangerous to drivers.

Though most town roads have been plowed at least once, they are not completely clean.

“The DPW did a yeoman’s job, but the snow is packed very hard onto the surface of the road. It’s very difficult to melt snow when it’s 10 degrees out. If people absolutely need to go out, we’re still asking people to travel carefully. Go with extreme caution, its very slick out there.”

He also said the town’s emergency shelter at Comstock Community Center was vacant from the time it opened at 6 last night up to this morning.

As a result, the shelter closed this morning at 10 a.m.

Though police reported a couple of minor traffic incidents early last night, Mr. Kanterman said the fire department had no calls for service.

“We had a pretty good overnight,” he said.