‘Fat guy’ stops in Wilton on trip across America

Fat Guy Across America recently rode through Wilton on his way to visit the Cannondale Bicycle Corporation’s headquarters. While there, the company helped fix up some parts of his bike, and loaded him up with Cannondale GT gear.
Eric Hites, as the “Fat Guy” is known, is riding across America on a goal “to prove things to my wife and my love. And to take back my health and to lose the pounds I have collected over the years.”
So far, Hites is down from 560 pounds to 480 since June.
During his ride through Wilton, Hites hit what he called his “first 20-mile day,” meaning it was the first day he was able to ride a full 20 miles.
Hites is originally from Russellville, Ind., and has been riding since the second week of June.
He has more than 20,000 Facebook users following his journey across the United States, and two local families showed up at the Outdoor Sports Center in Wilton to say “hello” while Hites was stopped there to camp for the night.
In describing his riding style on Facebook, Hites outlined his day’s routine.
“I get up, and try to eat some breakfast and get myself mentally and physically ready for the ride,” he wrote. “I stretch and may listen to few songs to get my mind ready. I get out on the road and the first bit is always really rough, depending on the roads and the hills, I may take a break every five minutes, or every mile. It takes a bit to warm my legs up. They burn a lot in the beginning. I have to take a lot of little breaks in the beginning hours of the ride.”
While stopped at the Outdoor Sports Center, he told The Bulletin he suspects he’s “sold” at least 1,000 bicycles over the course of his trip to people who see him and realize they can also get active.
To learn more about Hites’ journey, visit his regularly updated Facebook page at www.facebook.com/fatguyacrossamerica.