HomeFront is looking for residents in need of home repairs for its upcoming 33rd annual repair blitz in Spring 2020. Interested homeowners must apply before Nov. 29 in order to be considered for help in the 2020 season

HomeFront offers help with faulty windows, doors, steps, railings, leaky roofs, painting, plumbing and electrical needs at no cost to qualifying, low-income homeowners. Help is available throughout most of Connecticut, as well as Westchester County, N.Y. All inquiries are kept confidential.

Information on how to apply for help, how to volunteer for HomeFront, or how to make a donation can be found by calling 1-800-887-4673 or by visiting homefrontprogram.org.

HomeFront is celebrating more than 32 years of changing the lives of neighbors in need. Physical repair work is scheduled to be completed primarily in May by local volunteers.

Among those volunteers are many from Wilton, including Kiwanis Club members who participated in the program this past May when they helped a homeowner in South Norwalk.

The team was captained by Kevin Craw, who said, “Of all the many community services that our club performs, this one is tops. Going into an ‘in-need’ home, and rendering well over 100 direct service hours in one day leaves us feeling warm and deeply touched.”

“We have been doing HomeFront projects annually for over 25 years,” Kiwanian Jack McFadden said, “and it never ceases to bring tears to our eyes when the homeowner expresses amazement and appreciation. Kiwanians and friends do this this with a sense of community charity, personal human concern and recognition of need. We need more Kiwanians.”

Kiwanis costs to accomplish HomeFront are borne by the club and partnership with the local Bankwell organization. Speaking on behalf of the bank, AVP and Marketing Manager Lucy French said, “We are proud to be actively involved with community partners like the Wilton Kiwanis Club. As a community bank, we take our role of being a good neighbor seriously, and we work hard to align ourselves with many of the organizations and events that make Wilton such an extraordinary place in which to live and work”.

Kiwanis is the longest-serving volunteer organization in Wilton. The club supports individuals and organizations in need with an emphasis on children.

“I go home tired and paint spattered every time we do HomeFront,” said Greg Chann, “but the feeling inside tells me every minute was truly well worth the effort. We make a difference, and that says it all.”

Homeowners who apply may join the ranks of more than 3,100 neighbors who have received assistance from HomeFront. Referrals are welcome from neighbors, social service agencies, faith communities and city officials. Quality-of-life improvements are made possible by a community-wide mobilization of building material and service donors, financial supporters, and groups of “hands on” volunteers from local corporations, faith-based and civic organizations.

HomeFront’s mission is to keep low-income neighbors in their homes with an improved quality of life through the completion of repairs at no cost to them. Since its founding, HomeFront has delivered more than $40 million in donations of products and services to local families in need.